Friday, September 25, 2015

Calling English-speaking Travelers to Italy: The Mass English/Italian

New Kindle Release: "The Mass English/Italian"

Dear Postcards from Rome Reader,

There is nothing more annoying than to be hurriedly escorted out of a chapel, baptistery (I'm thinking of the one across from the Duomo in Florence), cathedral or basilica, just as you are absorbed in a careful examination of a wonderful work of art or sculpture because daily Mass is about to begin.

The next time this is about to happen, you don't have to leave; Decide to stay; attend the Mass. Just say to the guard, "La Messa," and indicate you are about to find a seat. So what the Mass is in Italian. Once seated, pull up your copy of The Mass English/Italian on your Kindle, Ipad or smartphone and follow along.

Don't be surprised while you sit, stand and kneel during the daily prayer of the Church, just how many things will capture your gaze that would have otherwise been missed, while you struggle to find coins to feed the light switches that only shine on artwork or sculpture for too brief a moment.

Weekday services usually do not last more than 30 minutes. You'll discover there is no better way to allow the beauty surrounding you, to truly sink in.

Are you up for a special treat? How about St. Peter's all to yourself (Well, almost) Get there early in the morning between 8:00 - 8:20 AM, before the basilica opens and is flooded with tourists. Again just say to the guards  "La Messa."   Once inside, head for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel on the far right side; Mass begins at 8:30.


Jacqueline Cable
For Postcards from Rome

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